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Hello, I am Lauren Maxwell. I am 22 years young and I currently reside in New York City. After modeling for roughly eight years of my life, I am now making the transition into a more stable career as a writer (well that’s the plan at least). This blog has gone from a platform that I use to cover my modeling experiences, to a personal diary covering my day-to-day adventures and it eventually lead me to pursue life as a (now former) journalism student. You will often find me posting outfits I wear, a look into my hilarious family and any opinions I may have along the way. I hope you enjoy.


Yours Truly,

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  1. beachboyy101 says:

    Very pretty girl.

  2. judithgunn says:

    Hmmm an online school – I’m a teacher from way out of town – I’m going to find out more!

  3. Pepper says:

    online school huh?
    may I know which school? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Austin LeMoine says:


  5. Will says:

    I love your writing! I read this blog everyday, can you say FIERCE?!

  6. Aimee says:

    Hi, I’ve only just discovered your blog and I love all your photos, you’re such a beautiful girl ๐Ÿ˜€ I just wanted to ask what camera do you use to take your photos? xx

  7. Millie says:

    I cannot stop reading your blog ever since I saw it on teen Vogue. I think you have a great style which you make your own. Personally I think its hard to create a blog and keep viewers interested, and I think you have done that well.

  8. Scarlett says:

    favourite blog! what makeup do you use?

  9. ingrid says:


  10. Breanne says:

    Hey your blog is absolutley wonderful. I always cant wait to see what you write next. i wish i could meet you in person oh wait im your sister i see you everyday!! good job lo!!

  11. Georgia says:

    Hi Lauren,
    I check your blog almost everyday and think it is AMAZING.
    You have your own personal style which I love and I find myself envying your life everytime I read it ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work x

  12. ANNi says:

    hey i just found your blog and im addddicted. im from az too {at asu right now} so its nice to read a blog based in zona instead of the usual la/ny mix. two questions. where in az are you from? im from scottsdale. aaaand what agency are you with? im guessing ford or leighton. no?

    • Lomax says:

      Glad you are addicted! I completely agree with you, blogs don’t have to be restricted to “fashion” capitols of the world they can be based anywhere! I’m a bit west of Phoenix, like twentyish minutes away from Scottsdale! And I’m with the Agency Arizona, they are amazing. I’m super impressed by your knowledge of fashion by the way! Your other comment referencing Emily Schuman was just brilliant! Bravo ๐Ÿ™‚

      • ANNi says:

        thanks you’re so sweet! yea i love the fashion blogosphere.. i like to sit in class reading fashion blogs/shopping online and about every 8 seconds some boy gives me a weird look. congrats on all your modeling success, looks like you have a great career ahead of you! and when you get a chance check out my little claim to fame (very little and completely unfashion related) http://www.annicabenning.com

  13. Ru says:

    Random…but how tall are you?!
    and you’re gorgeous btw :)) xx

  14. Anu says:

    Hiyaaa I’m a 14 year old girl whoose 5’11 maybe even 6ft would you say i should apporach modeeling as a carrer?

  15. ;) says:

    i’m 5′ 11″ as well! i live in az too! i love your blog and your fashion! you’re so pretty!

  16. MorgzSyd says:

    I <3 your blog, my absolute favorite! How do you get your hair sleek like it is?

    • Lomax says:

      Aw thank you so much! And my hair is naturally just like this! It’s straight and really smooth. I don’t use products on it, I just brush it in the morning! Sorry that’s not much help haha.



  18. Madi says:

    What agency are you with in NYC? I love your blog too!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Lauren, you are one of many inspirations to me. I have always been interested in the Modeling and Acting world, yet i never have the courage to push thru with it. I have been to auditions (acting) yet they have asked for $3,000 on the spot, i was curious to know, is that a scam? How can you REALLY tell what agency is real and what not?

    Modeling wise, do you enjoy it? is it stressfull?
    Me being a girl that weighs 115, and is 5’7, is that appropriate? What are the height and size requirements?

    Im sorry for asking so many questions, im just curious.
    P.S- you will go SO far, you are so beautiful and talented. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lomax says:

      You are too sweet! I’m glad I can be an inspiration for you! So for acting your proportions sound fine but for modeling you may or may not work! Some agencies will sign shorter girls some only stick with taller ones. But depending on your age if you still have growing to do you could be perfect!

      As far as picking an agency goes just make sure you never choose one that asks for money upfront, whether it be for modeling or acting. Those are definitely all scams. If someone truly wants you and thinks that you can do well they will not ask for thousands of dollars in advance. But be careful it is definitely not a glamorous business, it is incredibly stressful!

      I hope this helped ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Elizabeth says:

    You helped me a lot. Thank you lauren!
    But i was curious. The “Flash Model Agency” what do you know about them? I recently had a friend that was with them get signed on the Ford/Robert Black, and i think we all know Ford isn’t a scam. But i was curious to know, because at my work yesterday, another friend of mine was with that agency and she said that they never asked for money up front, she had a Photoshoot for JC Penny (but the pictures didn’t go to a magazine, or a site) and after they asked for her to sign a contract, she said no, and they never called her again. Do you think it’s because she didn’t sign the contract? or was it a scam?

  21. karla says:

    Hi! I love your hair. You should take more pictures because are really amazings! I have been watching your pictures in Instagram (love it, too) ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Karla says:

    Oh Lauren I just want to tell you are so pretty and friendly! I always see your blog to see your photos. I love your hair really, I hope someday to have it…

  23. Sofรญa says:

    I do not regret finding out about your blog at all. I love your style and you are more than beautiful. Keep it up!

  24. S says:

    Thats so awesome that you’re a model! im 5’10 and have tried to model but agencies dont seem to like me (ive only tried NY)…
    did it take you a while till you got signed or have you been doing it for a long time? also im 20 so I might just be too old.. oh well

  25. Lauren C says:

    I just read the piece on you in Teen Vogue’s ‘Last Look’ and was immediately intrigued, especially in your website (which I quickly looked up and added to my Bookmarks)! I don’t want to pursue a modeling career, but do you have any tips on getting into the fashion industry. I’m close to Manhattan, and I want to start making connections and launch my life in fashion!

    • Lomax says:

      Well hello Lauren, nice name by the way. First I would like to say how much I envy the fact that you live close to Manhattan — that’s going to be great for getting more involved with the industry. What I recommend is just reaching out to people via the internet just like you have to me. The reason this entire Teen Vogue experience happened with me was because I reached out to an editor at Teen Vogue and happened to form a small relationship with them. Other than actually directly dealing with people all I can say is intern, intern, and research. From what I found this summer at my internship it’s not at all about how amazing you dress at work every day, it was how much I could sit at a desk and research for stories or just facts for developing stories. The more you know the better off you are. Read the history of fashion houses for fun, go through Tumblr for inspiration (which I see you already do), etc. Any and everything helps for the time when you do form relationships with those already in the industry — that will get you much farther than just having great style. Hope this helps!

  26. Jess says:

    Hi Lauren! I saw you in teenvogue and after i read that you were 5’11” i got super excited! Im like 5’10 and a half and sometimes i feel like im the only tall girl around ‘specially cuz im only 14! when you were in middle school did you ever feel a tiny bit awkward because you were tall? you really inspire me becuase you carry your height super well! so thanks!

    • Lomax says:

      Hi Jess! I’m so happy to hear you’re as tall as you are at fourteen — that’s amazing! That’s exactly how I was in middle school. Obviously it was difficult at times, but I’ve always been quite proud of my height. I’ve never been embarrassed — just always bothered that I was multiple inches taller than all the guys. All I can say is be happy you can reach for things on the top shelf. Always a plus! Stay strong girl.

  27. Maria says:

    After seeing you in teen vogue, checking out this amazing blog has really shown me a lot about writing about fashion (whether that is for a blog, or even a magazine) and I would love to do something similar myself one day! I’d just like to know how to start, but thank you for inspiring me ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Kate says:

    Hi Lauren! I read your story in Teen Vogue, and immediately began reading your blog. Your outfits are so pretty, and your writing is great. Definitely one of my favorites now!

  29. Garrett says:

    I find you quite stunning.

  30. Skylar says:

    Hi Lauren! I’m completely new to the fashion scene, and I just read an article of yours in Teen Vogue. It’s great to find a fashionista I can finally relate to! Hope to get to know your styles a little deeper ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. rebecca says:

    i love your blog very much!! I was just wondering how you got your blog set up like that! i love it so much and i just recently made a blog. Not sure how to create a theme!

    Thank you:)

  32. Hi Lauren, I have recently stumbled upon your blog and i am absolutely in love with it! By far one of my new favorites! i like that you write as well where most blogs i follow only post pictures. I was wondering if you could possibly check out my blog? I’m new so i only have 3 posts so far, but it would mean a lot to me if you checked it out. Your such an inspiration to me! Thank you!

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