A Fairytale Weekend

This past weekend was a dream come true — I finally visited England! I am a complete Anglophile (as you all have probably been able to tell over time on here) and seriously felt like a little child on Christmas when I walked around London. It was just as I imagined it to be: a perfect mix of old world history and new world wonders. My first tourist-y/freak out moment was when I saw the Tower Bridge at night. It was illuminated so brightly. I ended up doing the same walk around it three times in about 12 hours or so.

I was with my two favorite Germans, Isi and Domi, at first before later meeting up with their friend Clara. We were meeting there for our weekend up north in Scotland at St. Andrews University. Luckily I had plenty of time at the beginning and end of the weekend to still see some sights in London. I am going back next month for a week to meet my mom during spring break and can’t wait to actually go inside some of the incredible monuments and museums. Until then I will just be reliving the wonderful moments I already shared there with some incredible people.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Genevieve says:

    London looks like a dream!

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