Gatsby, Green, and Mustaches

There are multiple countdowns occurring in my life at the moment.
There are only 13 days left of school, which would probably suffice for most people, however I’m holding out for an extra ten days added to that. Why you ask? Because The Great Gatsby comes out in 23 days, of course!

Words really cannot describe how much I have been anticipating seeing this movie. One, I love the book — it’s a classic. Two, Leo is my favorite actor; he can do no wrong. Three, the movie is spectacularly pleasing to the eyes (clothing by Prada and Brooks Brothers, incredible sets, etc). Four, the soundtrack is going to be unreal. I’ve been playing the Florence and the Machine song all day now that it’s finally out, and am dying to hear the entire Lana Del Rey ballad. Finally, the trailers are just plain awesome. I have watched all of them countless times and am still in awe each and every time. Can I get an amen?

Oh and in 43 days I leave for New York for the summer, so there’s that too. I get so worked up just thinking about everything coming up — I am so beyond ecstatic.

In other news, I wore green shorts with mustache adorned flats today.


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Yours Truly,

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2 Responses to Gatsby, Green, and Mustaches

  1. Lizzie Q says:

    Where did you get that ring? I love it!

  2. Julianne says:

    I am also counting down to the premiere of the Great Gatsby!!

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