Beautiful Bruges

A few weeks ago I traveled to Belgium for a handful of days to visit Brussels and Bruges. Without a doubt Bruges was the most beautiful part of the trip and one of the best parts of Europe thus far. For those of you who haven’t heard of Bruges, it’s a Medieval city with a lot of it’s original architecture still intact (aka it looks like it is out of a fairy tale). I spent the day climbing up the Belfort Tower and its 366 steps, which provided a lovely view of the city from above. Afterwards I took a little boat tour through the canals of the city (some consider it the Venice of the north) and ended the day having a three hour long late-lunch with a lovely Scottish couple I met. Although I enjoyed the entire day I imagine it would be even more enjoyable to visit with a friend in the future that way I wouldn’t have to be alone while being wide-eyed by all the beauty. Or perhaps I’m just looking for another excuse to go back. Can you blame me?

Photos from my Instagram.

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