Beautiful Bavaria

I just spent the last four days at my friend’s darling home just fifteen minutes outside of Munich for the Easter holiday. I have already visited her before in the city, but now had the chance to explore more of Bavaria (the state that Munich resides in). I truly love the German people (my friends especially) — they are all so welcoming and really try to make me feel at home while still being proud of their country, showing me the beauty that it holds. I had the chance to take a two hour drive through the countryside to the jaw-dropping Neuschwanstein Castle, which I have been dying to visit ever since I learned about it a year ago. It was built by Ludwig II (the mad king) and is situated right in the middle of a mountain range near the Alps.

After seeing it my friend and I headed over to the Germany/Austria border to take a gondola ride to the top of a peak in the Alps. I sadly did not pack proper attire for such an event and quickly discovered that boat shoes don’t mix well with snow. But can you really blame a girl who has seen snow a handful of times in her life? At least I can now say I climbed part of a peak in the Alps with nothing but socks on. Although I highly recommend no one ever do that unless you want to have feet that are brighter than your favorite red lipstick mixed with the numbing sensation of the freezing snow.

Castles, beautiful churches, and snow caps aside I was there mainly to spend time with my dear friend Isi and her family for a relaxing Easter weekend. We baked, ate, decorated eggs, ate some more, and watched Harry Potter and Game of Thrones for three of the four days. Without having any family in Europe it’s nice to know I can always call or visit them for a little at home feeling. It was sad saying goodbye, but now I have just arrived in London for a week with my mother, who I haven’t seen in three months! I feel like I’m on a never ending vacation. I will forever be in debt to my family and friends who have provided all of these incredible experiences to me over the past few months.

Yours Truly,

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