Made in Germany

I feel like my life in Europe is essentially going to wind up with me touring as many castles as possible. It was no different last weekend in Germany when I visited one of the biggest and best Bavaria had to offer, Nymphenburg Palace. I was in Munich visiting one of my best friends, Isi, who was a roommate of mine in NYC two summers ago. We’ve stayed in touch ever since with frequent Skype dates and finally were reunited half way across the world! She’s a Munich native as was her good friend Malte who joined us for an afternoon trip to the palace.

Apparently Nymphenburg was meant to be modeled slightly after France’s Versailles, but of course isn’t quite as grand. I don’t think anything can match Versailles. However, it was beautiful nonetheless. I was amazed with the grand ballroom and the beautiful ceiling fresco over it. The chandeliers were stunning (apparently Europeans really know how to make a chandelier). The gardens offered a beautiful walk and were much less crowded than Versailles’ so I appreciated that. One of the coolest parts of our little tour was seeing the stables where the King’s coaches were held. Talk about gold on gold… on gold. They were ornate and incredible. My little white, small SUV back home seems rather boring and bland now. C’est la vie, though.

More will be coming from my trip to Germany soon. Currently trying to recuperate from being sick and having a feel week of school! But for now here is the first bit of the trip:

Yours Truly,

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