Chihuly In The Desert

Today my mother and I traveled deep into the desert aka thirty minutes from our home since everything is in the desert out here. We visited the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden to get our tourist cravings satisfied via the wonderful Chihuly Exhibition. Chihuly is this killer artist who makes blown glass sculptures. I’ve seen his work over the years in random places I’ve traveled to and when I heard he was showing pieces here I had to visit.

It’s amazing to see them installed next to cacti and other plants. I would be so stressed out if I had to put that together. One, I would just break everything by touching it somehow and two, I would fall into a Saguaro cactus — no doubt about it.

I will say I was kind of saddened (don’t know what else I expected) by the plants at the garden. Perhaps it’s because I’m from Arizona and drive by these kinds of plants every day on the highway, but I thought there would at least be some flowers or something that wasn’t light green/tan in color. My mother is trying to convince me it’s just the time of year, but the title of the place was straight forward to me: it wasn’t a botanical garden in the desert it was indeed a desert botanical garden. Nothing like the beautiful Brooklyn Botanical Garden in NYC with it’s extensive collection of roses.

All of that aside it was such a beautiful day here in Arizona and I can’t believe I’m so lucky to only have to wear a light, long sleeve tee and pants in the middle of the winter. I guess that’s one huge thing to be grateful for here. I never really share images on here that reference Arizona life, but I think I will appreciate them when I’m freezing to death in rainy Paris the next few months. So thank you for taking me out today mom — I will remember it for months to come!

I’m wearing Prada sunglasses, J.Crew top and necklace, Madwell jeans, BP shoes, Kate Spade bag and assorted bracelets from J.Crew and Kate Spade.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I’ve been travelling to AZ routinely for years but have never been to that garden. I’m headed down to Fountain Hills in less than two weeks- how long is the exhibit on? I’d love to check it out.
    Thanks for sharing!!

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