Runway Roll Call

I thought I would share a few pictures from a fashion show I was in today. Other models and I have so much time to kill backstage that all we end up doing is taking pictures to pass the time. I suppose that is appropriate considering the job title and all.

Here was my hair & makeup look: I imagined myself as a sort of Hitchcock blonde.

This was one of my three looks for the show: a little bit of glam, mixed with faux fur and the difficulty of taking a backstage shot without a semi-naked person.

And now a closeup of said look:

This was actually my favorite hairstyle of the day, teased curls with a braid. Kyle wears it wonderfully:

And finally my finale look: it made me think of something a character in Downton Abbey would wear if she were an angel.

That’s a wrap folks! Until next time!

Yours Truly,

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One Response to Runway Roll Call

  1. Meret says:

    So so pretty! That white dress is gorgeous!

    Meret x

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