Boston Bijoux

I am so anxious for tomorrow morning. Okay technically tomorrow morning is in ten minutes, but I’m talking more like eight tomorrow morning. I am traveling with two friends up to Boston for the weekend, and boy oh boy is my little history nerd self just getting antsy. I’ve only ever driven through the city, and when I did I kept my eyes peeled for any and every historical site around me. Sadly I saw none, but now that I will actually spend time there I have a feeling I will be seeing quite a few.

The American Revolution is something you’re kind of forced to learn every single year in school growing up here in the states. Luckily for me I enjoyed the topic immensely and have a great love for the history surrounding America’s birth. I would say this trip is quite appropriately timed seeing as July 4th is less than a week away. I cannot wait to share my experiences with you all, but for now here is a little taste of what I have packed for the weekend! Au revoir for now mes amies!

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