The Midwest At Its Best

I have decided I love the midwest — not in a, I want to move here kind of way, but in a I love taking pictures of everything because I’m a tourist kind of way. To start with, Chicago was completely wonderful. I’ve always been a big fan of New York City and never even bother comparing other cities to it, but after my experience in the windy city I can safely say it has some benefits that New York does not have. For one, Chicago has giant modern art structure called the Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean”, and an exact replica of the Buckingham Palace fountain. What could be better? And second, the city is beyond clean and actually doesn’t smell like dirty trash. New York streets on the other hand are constantly covered in large piles of massive black trash bags — not exactly beneficial for the senses.

Another wonderful thing about Chicago — a Ralph Lauren Restaurant happens to reside there. Talk about all American. It was filled with rich colors and many a book on the countless private library-esque shelves that lined the walls. Garrett and I shared a delicious New England clam chowder, while I personally devoured a sirloin sandwich in the following course. I plan on returning there in the future — perhaps this time coming prepared wearing a little Ralph.

City life aside, I couldn’t be more in love with the fall weather here in Illinois. I’ve been staying in the town Garrett grew up in and it is just beyond adorable. It’s one of those quintessential towns that everyone envisions when they think about autumn. There’s a mix of colors in the trees — orange, red, yellow, and green leaves all work cohesively to make one beautiful blend of canopies over the twisting two-lane roads. The way I’ve described it all weekend is that it’s like a place that is a preset desktop background on your computer. It’s truly too beautiful to be considered a real place, yet alas it is! Also, a little fun fact about Geneva (the town), it happens to be the backdrop for part of the film, Road to Perdition, with Tom Hanks. If you’re interested feel free to Youtube, “Road To Perdition hotel shootout,” it is the first video that pops up. Everything you see in the background are real establishments in one of the main streets of town. We actually dined in one of the restaurants!

Today I happened to experience my first tornado warning — definitely not something an Arizonan like me is used to; there is no such thing as a natural disaster occurring Arizona, it’s simply impossible. It went from being so calm outside, to there being a sudden downpour of rain, followed by screeching sirens that go off across the entire county when a tornado has been confirmed to have touched the ground. At first I was all, “let’s go see it!” But then two seconds later I was scrunched up in the car waiting for us to get out of there. Luckily the warning passed as soon as it had came — no harm done!

After the warning, Garrett and I had a fun little photo shoot running around town before heading back to his school, Wabash, in Indiana. I’m currently sitting next to him typing out this post as he edits all of the pictures from today. Such a wonderful boyfriend, no? I’m so lucky to call him mine. Enough with the cheesiness though — I am looking forward to sharing the pictures with you all; the backdrops are just beyond amazing! I hope your weekends have all been delightful, au revoir for now mes amies!

Yours Truly,

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3 Responses to The Midwest At Its Best

  1. Francena Maloney says:

    Love Egg Harbor Cafe’, we have one here. We go often for brunch when the weekend allows. I am so happy you are having fun and the pictures are beautiful!

  2. Emily says:

    I saw your article in Teen Vogue today & decided to check out your blog. Absolutley love it! What I love even more about it is the fact that you have ties to Geneva, IL. I live about 30 minutes from this gorgeous town and its one of my favorites to visit. Also love your posts about Chicago (in my opinion, the greatest city in the world!) Your pictures and outfits are so insipiring. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lomax says:

      Hi Emily, so wonderful you live so close to Geneva! I already wish I could go back — it was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing you live close! Definitely cool to find out other people know what I’m talking about!

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